Friday, November 23, 2018


Heck, while you are reading this, we are probably Griswolding ourselves a tree.

But!  Last week! While Harry had a hockey game, I took the 3 little kids (and, really that's a passé label because NONE OF THEM IS LITTLE) to an adorable tree lighting at a local outdoor mall.  On our way to find a bathroom (always-- we always need to find a bathroom) we ran into Santa, who was being led to the tree lighting by his handlers.  Dorothy was waving with her entire body and quivering with happiness and excitement, and he said he'd see her in a minute, and her entire season was made.

We stopped at 7-Eleven for $.99 hot chocllate on the way-- this is a total PROTIP, by the way, and the mall had little cups of popcorn.  Jack said, "Hot chocolate and popcorn?  And a candy cane?  These are all of my favorites!" (May always be so delightfully easy to please)
 They took a couple official event photos, too
 I LOVE this backdrop.  Planning  date night just for the Insta pics
 Dorothy could play with these magnet snowmen for days.  We are headed back for sure.
 Santa asked for help ringing bells to light the tree.  Everyone likes to have help ringing the bell they are wearing around their neck.  (Cooper was the only person who didn't lose his bell between getting it and 30 minutes later when it was time to ring it).
 Group pic with Santa-- so sweet!

A children's choir sang carols.  The air was crisp and clear.  We went to a to store just to look and no one lost their shit.  It was magical.  Happy golden days, indeed. 

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