Thursday, December 24, 2015

We should be home by midnight...

...And you know how well the kids do when they're off their schedules. Hahahahahahahaha. 

We had such an awesome Christmas Eve. We wanted to sleep in, but somebody has an ear infection and came in our bed at 5 am and slept loudly-- ahem-- Dorothy-- ahem. I took a walk outside and ran a little on the elliptical while Ben took her to the doctor. We had lunch, got dressed, and went to the Chicago suburbs to celebrate with Ben's parents and grandma. SO FUN!

Ironic Christmas t-shirts!
I did my hair in the car
The official measuring of the children on the Christmas snowman
I am becoming one of those fat ladies who only likes how she looks in selfies and is horrified when she sees a full body shot taken by someone else. 
Yay Christmas!
A Belle dress from Disney World-- she'll never take it off
OMG! Star Wars for the Wii U!
Harry got the Millenium Falcon giant Lego-- and equally big hit. And Cooper got a bunch of Star Wars guys and ships-- the little dorks are in heaven. Dorothy is on her way to having a killer Calico Critter collection, and she is telling us over and over that she wants to play with it in her yoom (room) when she gets home. We keep explaining that it's bedtime, but you guys, this is NOT GOING OVER WELL. 

Then we had Christmas Eve at Ben's grandma's just like he used to when he was little. 

See what I mean about the selfie v. The massive full body shot??

But I am not going to meet my fitness goals this weekend, so let's eat, drink, and be merry!


  1. I am very much in the "love a selfie/hate when other people take pictures" category, but as an objective outsider, you're adorable in both selfie and non-selfie pics :)
    May be stealing the snowman idea because it's brilliant

  2. The "problem" with the family photo is that you are sitting in front of everyone which creates a forced perspective where you look larger.