Tuesday, December 01, 2015

I'm dreaming of naps-- I blame the freezing rain and stack of library books

Ben read yesterday's post and then CRUSHED me by reminding me that his good Monday schedule resumes in the fall, and I have AN ENTIRE SEMESTER OF TERRIBLE to look forward to.  I let out a string of terrible curse words which Dorothy immediately repeated and then hired a babysitter to come on Monday afternoons starting in January which will allow me to drop Jack at the tutor's house and BE FREE for at least an hour before my meeting, which will certainly make my meeting better.

You guys!  My awesome friend Kate wrote and illustrated a children's book, and you should for sure buy it on Amazon because it will help you explain all those damn packages that keep showing up at your house all month long.  I am waiting for my copy to arrive, and not a moment too soon because someone who can read intercepted an American Girl box and a package of NFL jerseys, both clearly labeled with the store of origin which was SO CONFUSING because SANTA brings Dorothy the American Girl doll of the year, and SANTA was the one tasked with delivering NFL jerseys.  SO STRANGE, then,  that we ordered those items FROM A STORE.  JUST LOSE YOUR INNOCENCE ALREADY, KIDS.  (I don't mean that).  (Not totally). (But, I mean, kind of). (But not really-- happy golden days of yore, etc).

Dorothy is such a little Sconnie-- even the freezing park can't get her down.

 Cooper and Jack held up a liquor store right after we took this picture.  Obvi.
 Beatrix thinks this is prime napping weather.
 And Cooper concurs.
I wish I could stay home and nap today, but, alas.  I have to grade and do hours of tedious work on my online class that I author for a career college and then Thursday, I have to do painstaking work on my online class for my real job.  And then grading season begin in earnest.  But soon!  Soon I will have 5 weeks of glorious naps coming my way.

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