Saturday, December 05, 2015

10-Day Hanukkah!

I'm an even bigger idiot than usual.  I thought yesterday was the 6th, so we started doing Hanukkah. But yesterday was the 4th. So Hanukkah is a ten-day celebration this year. It's a miracle!  I get so dumb about dates at the end of the semester. Gah. 

Harry and Jack had superhero day at school on Friday, and Dorothy and Cooper got in on the posing action. Harry had a cape with math symbols drawn on the back because he was math man. Duh. 
Opening their faux first night puzzles. Puzzles were a disappoint, BTW. Illiterate Dorothy though she had a box of princess dolls and when she realized it was full of puzzle pieces, she sobbed. 
We went to 2 parties last night, and we played euchre which is my favorite and Ben took a selfie with this sweet little dog. 

We were pretty wretchedly hungover this morning, but a trip to our favorite greasy spoon before our first of 4 hockey games really helped. 
The vein in my forehead is brought to you by family style seating and me not wanting the kids to terrorize the nice man and his sweet college-age son at our table. 
The kids were actually really good I think because they were so hungry and also because we let them get milkshakes 
Dorothy had a lovely time at hockey

Then Ben and Cooper took Jack to a neighboring town to play in a tournament and the other kids and I went to Costco where I got my own membership because Ben shares a membership with my dad so I can never shop alone. I got my own (and put my mom on it) and bought all of the food. And that was pretty much the most exciting thing that happened to me today. But the night is still young. 

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