Wednesday, December 30, 2015

We have had some serious fun the last couple of days

We went to Pekin and back, came home to veg and start watching Making a Murderer on Netflix (SO GOOD YOU GUYS), went bowling, lazed around, etc.  A perfect winter break so far, and the kids go back to school on Monday (bigs) and Wednesday (littles).  AND BEN AND I HAVE 2 MORE WEEKS OFF AFTER THAT.

Showing Uncle Jon the castle that is his size exactly.

 Eating the world's messiest PB&J on my LAP on the way to Pekin after we stopped at a Potbelly at like 2:00 when I started crying from hunger and we realized nobody had eaten lunch.  Oops.
 Gizmo in his fancy sweater giving me a kiss.
 They think this rug is the Little Gym's Bi! Red! Mat!
 Kid table
 Happy 68th birthday, dad!!
 Funniest book IN THE WORLD.
 Huge sleet storm on Monday trapped all 10 of us inside all day.  Luckily, there was this fridge:  (It was a 2-bottles of champagne morning, BTW).
 Dorothy had the Big! Red! Mat! and Elsa, so she was all good.
 And cookies.  Also orange juice (which she calls yellow juice).
 Double boredom (I also took a 2-hour nap with Coper, which was awesome).
 Finally around 6 we could venture out for dinner.

 Both my brothers were home, too, so we only had one-bedroom for the six of us.  So the boys pitched a tent in the living room.  THEY LOVED IT.
 Don;t worry-- we fixed her buckles before we hit the road.
 Home and vegging after an early kiddo bedtime.  Ahhhhhh.
 BOWLING!  Ben and I played 2 games to the kids' 1.  I did not break 100 either game, and in our second game, I bowled a 71, tying Cooper for 4th place.  Ugh.

 Lunch.  She was counting TVs at Buffalo Wild Wings.

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  1. So many thoughts on Making a Murderer. I grew up in Manitowoc and worked at the Sheriff's Department during summer and winter break while I was in college I think two summers and one winter?). So it was super strange to watch a documentary that had places and people I knew in it! I also know (WELL) the Sheriff at the time of the second case and I cannot wrap my head around the idea that he would have been part of any type of conspiracy to frame Avery. Definitely could go on and on for days about this - my husband and I have been obsessively watching when we have the time!