Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

I am pretty drunk on practically clear margaritas at a great New Years Eve party with wonderful friends and my brother and his partner and tons of loud kids. 

I am taking a turn watching Dorothy who is the youngest kid except for Cooper who is the second youngest kid.   The other kids are playing sweetly even though it is past their bedtime because you know my kids go to bed SUPER EARLY. 

I thought I would post one more post for a great little year. 

We got dressed up for a fun date night at a truly delicious steak house/supper club last night. 

And we ate like 6 pounds of steak. 

Today, Dorothy helped me make blueberry muffins
 And I got to debut my super sexy bib overall SNOWPANTS
To go sledding. Sledding was awesome and icy and SO FAST. 

 Harry finished his Millenium Falcon Lego that he got for Christmas and worked on for about 6 hours

Now, like I said, we're at a part. And clearly, I am a party animal. 

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