Monday, December 14, 2015

I was so busy today, but I have nothing but a fridge full of leftovers to show for it

I just saw a speech in my department's speech contest about how sitting all day is detrimental to your health.  But I guess I don't have to worry about that because I JUST NOW SAT DOWN for the first tim all damn day except for when I ate dinner (breakfast and lunch were standing up at the counter) (and I was up and down to fetch things for people so many times it doesn't really count), when I did 20 minutes of time-sensitive work for my adjunct online class, and when I read the kids (all 4 of them in two separate sessions #MOTY) bedtime stories.

What did I do all day, you ask?

Mainly make dinner.

We had brisket, latkes Brussels sprouts and brownie sundaes.  Because the dinner hour is wicked crazy around here with everyone losing their shit and just generally acting like a bunch of assholes (me included), I absolutely cannot make a high-prep dinner during the 4-5:3- time slot.  So, since the damn brisket needed 4 hours to cook and 30 minutes to sit covered in foil, I prepped everything right after breakfast.  At 11:05, I was STILL STANDING AT THE STOVE FRYING LATKES.  Are you effing kidding me?  And I used the freaking food processor to grate the potato and onion. Can you even imagine the time it would have taken to do it by hand?  Yikes.

I worked out from 11:15-12:15, made the little kids lunch, ate a quesadilla, some carrots, an apple, and a green salad standing up, and tidied up the kitchen until 1, showered and got dressed from 1:00-1:36, got the little kids dressed to go pick up the boys by 1:50, came home with everyone and switched the laundry and loaded the dishwasher  and started Harry on his homework and then loaded the little kids up in the stroller to take Jack to his tutor's house by 2:30, swinging by school on my way home to grab his forgotten spelling list.  From 2:45-3:25, I half-assedly supervised Harry's homework, made and cleaned up brownies, cleaned up the back pack explosions in the laundry room, though idly about waking Dorothy from the nap she abruptly took in the stroller and continued on the couch even though Beatrix kept licking her face and nibbling on her hair but did assorted house chores-- mainly running from room to room putting people's shit mostly where it went-- instead.  The babies and I drove back to the tutor's house to get Jack and then Harry and his friends started playing basketball on the driveway while all 3 little kids had some iPad time and I bustled about cleaning up snack and setting the dinner table, assembling serving dishes, putting the latkes on foil-lined cookie sheets so they could crisp up in the oven once the brisket took its time out.  I put away a huge mountain of laundry from the boys' weekend with Ben's help and watched Cooper lose his shit before, during, and after dinner, despite a wonderful dessert.

As soon as I got the kitchen cleaned up at 7, it was time for little kid bath/story/bedtime.  I went straight from  that downstairs to do a tiny bit more homework with jack, prep his homework for tomorrow, and read Auggie and Me.  Then we downloaded "Seven Nation Army" because the book references that song, and the boys had never heard it, and Jack did an awesome interpretive dance.  Then, finally, they went to bed and I wrote this and ate a million (7) Hershey's kisses.

I need to go to bed soon because I need to have the world's most productive day at work tomorrow because I am getting 40 (gah) 15-page research papers, with 40 (gah) 12-page final exams coming in on Thursday.  And I want to have my spring totally prepped and everything totally graded  by 12-21, my last day on campus, so I can walk away and not look back until 1-13.  BREAK IS SO SHORT THIS YEAR.

So, anyway, goodnight.

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  1. I'm always amazed by your energy!
    Random, but do you guys leave Harry home alone? We're just putting our toe in the water (nax 20 minutes) with Eli but I'm not really sure what people do these days.