Monday, December 21, 2015



I am so, so, so happy about this.  I meet with my TAs one more time this afternoon and then BREAK!

Lest you think I was too busy to post yesterday because I was working, let me tell you that I was instead cleaning the house, dragging 2 preschoolers to the damn mall, and seeing Sisters.

Sisters was AWESOME, BTW.  You should probably go see it.

Cooper puked last night, sometime in the wee hours.  I don't know because he didn't wake us up.  He just wiped his chin on his shoulder and climbed into bed with Ben.  In the morning, in the context of a lazy how-did-you-sleep convo before we got up, he said, 'I sleep OK but I threw up a lot in my bed.  I couldn't go to the potty because I opened my mouth, and the puke was already there."  We bolted up to begin the mountain of laundry-- Cooper's bed, Ben's, all their pajamas, some stuffed animals, a pair of slippers, etc.  And then I went merrily to work.  I definitely go the better deal today even if Ben has the longer break.

Throwback to a time before the vomit (like Saturday):

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