Saturday, December 12, 2015

A girl! A girl to shop with!

The first thing Dorothy said to me this morning, when she stomped into my room warm and red-faced and with the back of her hair sticking straight up, was "Mommy!  Where are my necklace, my bracelet, and my ring?"

That's because yesterday, I took her birthday shopping for her friend at Claire's, her favorite store in the world.  Or, it was her favorite store in the world until she discovered Build a Bear, which she didn't even know existed.

 But because I am a tyrant, I didn't let her wear her new accessories to bed because I didn't want her to choke on them, so she couldn't wait to put them on this morning.  Also?  She was super excited to color her Build a Bear box like ASAP.  As soon as she was sufficiently bejeweled, in fact, she requested her markers and got right to work.

She demanded to wear her new finery immediately after we bought it.  About 26 minutes later, the Elsa heart thing on her ring popped off, and we had to go back and exchange the whole set.  Her enthusiasm was not-- COULD NOT BE-- dampened.

 She could not even at Build a Bear.
 I mean, it was just SO COOL.
 She insisted upon wearing her Sleeping Beauty dress with her princess hat that she calls her cone.  That blur is her new rainbow wand.
 She asked for eggs, French toast with whipped cream and sugar, and strawberries for breakfast while she colored.
 Then we made a really ill advised stop at a different mall and at Costco-- WHY do I go to Costco on the damn WEEKEND?-- and had lunch at a diner Dorothy calls "the pie place" because they have awesome pie.
She's a hilarious little person, that's fur sure.


  1. I love having a good sidekick!

  2. Build-a-Bear with a little kid is soooo much fun! My nephews loved it, especially the younger one. He's 9 now and still loves his stuffed animals even though his parents discourage it because he's "too old" for them. :-(