Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Little Cart Adventure

Yesterday, I realized I haven't been to Trader Joe's in so long that I might have missed all the seasonal holiday items already.  It's true that the gingerbread houses are sold out (BOO), but there were plenty of gingerbread men, dark chocolate stars, candy cane Joe Joe's, dark chocolate dipped candy cane Joe Joes, truffles, etc.

I spent $80 and the only healthy things I got were a bunch of bananas and some spicy salsa.  It was glorious. (Dark chocolate stars are already dead to me, BTW).

But! Everyone in the whole damn store was rude to us.  An old lady cut us off going to the bathroom AND going to the cash register.  When I was done paying for my groceries, I knelt down to help Cooper put his coat back on (COOPER, dude, if you can't put your frigging coat back on by yourself, THEN STOP TAKING IT OFF) and the lady who was next in line put her purse down on top of mine next to the card reader as if to say my time was UP.  The snack lady did not think it was funny when Dorothy and Cooper decided they hated fig and goat cheese and sweetly threw away their cups.  She was annoyed that they only had a bite of their weird little flatbread.  WHO CARES?  Even though they were well behaved with their little carts (a cause for celebration if ever there was one), they got lots of sighs even when they were in an open area and not blocking any merch which was more than I can say for all the assholes who were shopping like they had all the time in the world and thought nothing of blocking on side of the aisle with their bodies and the other side with their carts.  No need to read all the ingredients, people, canned stuff is going to kill you.  It's true that we were the only kid people in the store-- maybe it was grown up day?  Doesn't anyone spend the day with their small children anymore?  Anyway, super annoying.  If it wasn't for the sriracha ranch dressing, I would not be back before pumpkin flavored everything time next year.

 SLIPPERS last night for Hanukkah.  Ben prepped them first by explaining they were NOT getting a toy, and they loved them.  I had a hard time deciding on Dorothy's.  There were some fluffy blue sparkly ones with a picture of Elsa and Anna, some Olaf ones where it looks like you stuck your foot in his fact, and then these Paw Patrol beauties.  She is telling everyone that she is now Sky Elsa, not just Elsa, so it was a good pick.
I saw Krampas last night, and while it was decidedly NOT scary, it was campy and funny, and I can't wait to watch it every year.  And!  I saw a preview for The Boy.  CAN.  NOT.  WAIT.

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  1. The slippers are adorable!
    My TJs got rid of the wretched death-trap kid carts last year. Best. Thing. Ever. And they give my kids cookies instead of samples of they ask nicely. Because what kid wants a mini mozzarella and beet pizza?