Friday, December 04, 2015

Oh Chrismukkah, Oh Chrismukkah, How Lovely Are Your Decorations

Actually, I am not sure how lovely I think all my Chrimukkah knick knacks are.  I really hate knick knacks.  I mean, we have only had sofa tables for a few months, and we have lived in our house for almost 5 years.  (HOLY SHIT?! WE HAVE LIVED IN OUR HOUSE FOR ALMOST 5 YEARS?!) (My archives tell me this is our fifth Christmas-- no WAY).

But, anyway, everyone else seems to love them.

(Also, why the heck didn't we make sure we had at least one fireplace, 9 ft ceilings on both levels and nicer countertops 5 years ago?  I mean, seriously).

We thought we would have to wait until tonight to get a tree, but we didn't have anything to do on Tuesday (no hockey!  a mid-season miracle!) so we ran to the tree farm (the muddy, muddy tree farm) after school and got a couple of adorable firs, one of which Ben chopped down all by himself.

Yes, Dorothy was indeed wearing an Elsa dress.
 Jack was super proud of his tree pick.
 Cooper is actually checking on Ben, who was totally under the tree.  With a saw.
 He finally stopped speaking to us, so we tromped through the mud to the pre-cut tree to find one for the living room-- Jack's choice was completely perfect for downstairs.
 Elsa was getting chilly.
 Cooper loved the entire experience.
 So cute all bundled on top of the car.
 Harry modeled the tree topper he selected.
  Cooper just modeled.
In lieu of an ornament, Dorothy picked out this snow man, and then she tried to hang it on the tree and got SERIOUSLY PISSED OFF
 Beatrix was agitated by the whole thing, especially because we had to move her bed.
 Thanks to my parents and their Ornament of the Year subscription from the Danbury Mint, Ben has a sweet Cubs collection.
 I love the fat little family room tree the very most.
 And then I thought I would let the kids set up the Mickey train that Harry got last year at Disney World before school on Wednesday.  Chaos.
 I have a cute little dreidel shaped candy dish, and since I now have tables for knick knacks, I decided to fill it with candy and put it out.  But the kids were driving us crazy with the constant candy eating.  So I bought a ton of Hershey's Kisses and figured the novelty would wear off.  It did not.  And Dorothy and Cooper stole a bag of kisses and ate them in Cooper;s room.  It kept them quiet for 40 minutes.  During which time I should have checked on them but instead graded student work.
 I do hate all the crap laying around, but I love this collection of 10 years of creepy mall Santa pics.
 It's really cute.
 But this one is maybe a little cuter.

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  1. Your Chrismukkah is adorable! My favorite are my Santa pics too :)