Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas in iPhone pics

I set a fancy table for Christmas breakfast, and I never get my shit together enough to set a fancy table, so I feel like it can't be photographed enough, really. 
It looked even cuter with delicious cinnamon rolls and eggs and bacon and fruit and cute kids on/around it. 
And then I broke my little loaf pans (that I am using as fruit bowls) while cleaning up. Last year, it was the candy dish. My Spode collection is going in reverse. 
Dorothy took great care opening her stocking, obvs. 
The children are finally old enough to take nice turns opening their gifts-- it was fun, even. 
Jack was especially lovely and happy and elfy. 
Dorothy lost interest but who can blame her with that castle and new packs of guys?
Cooper was also sweet and a very careful unwrapper. 
I was trying to get a pic of Jack and Coop in their matching furry Crocs (and I cut off their feet of course) but Harry photo bombed like an extra head growing out of Jack's arm
My favorite pic of the morning:
Skeptical Baby Henry came over hot more presents
And his first cinnamon roll 
Dorothy was a big fan:
Look! She's smiling at him!
After breakfast, we got dressed "sancy" as Dorothy says and went out for brunch at a pretty hotel on the lake. 

We came back home to play Pie Face, which our Elf on the Shelf Toofy left under the tree for the kids-- they were overjoyed. 
For good reason-- Pie Face is hilarious:

Beatrix loved her new bed. She won't even sleep in her crate anymore. She just stays alone in the living room all night long. 
Cooper spent Chrsitmas night in his new Star Wars tent. 
Dorothy FINALLY took her American Girl out of the box and said "Hi Grace. I love you," and took her to bed. 
Even Harry and Jack got cozy together. 
And I realized that my tights were ripped in the foot but washed them anyway and put them back in my drawer because I  classy like that. 
Now my brother and his partner are here, and we had a fun grown up night last night and are on the way to celebrate my dad's birthday and do Christmas with my parents. Ho ho ho!

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  1. I find a honey pair of tights in my drawer every winter! I think it's acceptable as long as its confined to the foot :) I'm totally jealous of your Spode! I didn't even have enough silverware for my (two) guests. Klassy!