Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

We had the most wonderful day-- one that started AND ended with giant mimosas and had a fancy brunch at a hotel and tons of presents in the middle. It was awesome.

The Cloud is being weird, so I have pictures from my real camera instead.

The boys chatting last night:
 Dorothy and me and her newly ever present Belle dress:
 Cooper, being Cooper
 Too cool for pics.
 She loves her new bed so much.
 I made them take a picture before heading downstairs to open presents.  They were all up by 6:40, despite being up until after midnight. SO CRABBY.
 I stuffed all the stockings with clothes, which were minimally satisfying.
 My new favorite picture in the world:
 She fell in love hard with her Frozen castle, which she first spotted at a Peoria Costco a few months ago and HAD TO HAVE.  It looked, um, smaller at Costco.

 Oh, Jack.  So sweet.
 I love the matching jams.
 Cooper's odd little world, all that remained after we finallypout everything away.

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