Friday, December 18, 2015

Last year's resolutions

Last year, I had grand resolution ideas for the new year, which I will revisit and update below.  I also had a great idea to do a gratitude jar.  In a perfect world, I wanted to usher in the new year reading our gratitude post-its on the beach somewhere.  But, alas, I am still afraid to fly (nightmares on the regular, even), and so we'll be reading them in cold, cold Madison.  We kind of stopped writing things down in this final quarter, but it was a really fun exercise.

The rest of my resolutions?  Not as successful.
  • LOSE 20 POUNDS, DAMNIT.  For real.  Damnit.  I am tired of pictures of my face poking out from a mound of fat. This one did not happen.  Obvi.

  • Read 100 books (again)  The month of December has been a complete reading fail, but I have definitely surpassed 100 books  Phew!

  • Print photos every month and put them in a damn album already  This DID happen, but not until October.  In October, I printed every freaking picture I have taken since Dorothy was 1 (because when I have a small baby in the house, I do print pictures monthly because babies make everything better.)  And now, I just have to print a few every month to stay on track.  The album part did not happen, though.

  • Finish Dorothy's baby book (SHAMEFUL, I know)-- this might be kind of a sub resolution of the photo one, but whatevs.  I AM GOING TO DO IT. Nope.  The half-finished book and all the keepsakes to tuck between its pages and all the pictures to cut up and paste in there are still sitting in my closet in a reusable shopping bag where they have been since her birthday party.  I kind of feel like that's as done as the book is going to be...

  • Write.  Something besides this blog.  Poetry?  Fiction?  A goddamn journal article?  I DON'T CARE. ANOTHER FAIL.  But damn do I  wish I could do this.

Ok.  So.  I sucked at last year's resolutions.  That much is clear.  Less clear, though, is what the hell I am going to resolve to do this year and whether or not I can stick with it.

I think I can, if I use Gretchen Rubin's habit strategies.  I also need to pick things I want to do anyway, like the reading.  I have a few ore days to contemplate-- what about you?  Any good resoluition suggestions?

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