Wednesday, December 09, 2015


Ugh.  I started out today SO STRONG you guys.

Hot breakfast on Christmas plates.  On a school morning. With snowman placemats.  I MEAN.

But then after I dropped the kids off (dressed, but with scraggly hair and no makeup-- a couple of my friends didn't recognize me which is always awesome), I got back in bed for a little bit because next week is the last week of school before winter break, and I need to make the most of these mornings.  And then everything was late a little.  The paperwork I needed to submit for an expense report.  Emails.  Online class maintenance.  Making the beds.  Cleaning up breakfast. Buying teacher gifts.  And then it was 2:00 and the laundry wasn't put away and the eggs were still on the table and the little kids had been home for hours and were starting to drive me crazy.

And, in conclusion, I have eaten all of the TJ's snacks and almost no vegetables (carrots slathered in Pub Cheese).


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