Sunday, December 06, 2015

Interview With Dorothy

Hockey KILLED our weekend.  We had 4 games yesterday and 2 today.  I had a small mental breakdown because there's a traveling tournament next weekend, a game and then the guys have Bears tickets the next weekend, and then it's CHRISTMAS.  How am I going to finish my work, plan class parties for all the kids, shop for teacher gifts, wrap a mountain of presents, and show the older boys all of my favorite movies like Die Hard and Christmas Vacation?  Gah!

Tonight for the the first night of real Hanukkah, we gave the little kids play-doh and the big kids games.  We played Jack's Guesstures before dinner and Harry;s Trivial Pursuit Family Edition after dinner.  SO FUN.  And, I barely won trivia.  Jack was one pie piece away from victory, but he missed John Hancock, and I pulled Che Guevara out of my ass.  So to speak.

The other night before bed, I interviewed Dorothy about her favorite things.  I think when I think she says a castle is her favorite animal, she is actually saying carousel.  My bad.


  1. Love her video!! She seems so old all of the sudden!

  2. It's a good thing that I live so far away because I really want to kidnap her.