Monday, November 30, 2015

Bah humbug Mondays

Mondays suck, and I know that makes me sound like a Garfield poster but seriously.

Since 2003, I have had a damn meeting at the same time on Monday afternoons, and Ben has always been able to accommodate that wonderfully.  Except for this semester where I am home all morning and most of the afternoon and then he gets home like 4 seconds before I need to go and then all of our nighttime commitments have prevented me form staying late at work on Mondays, the way I always thought I would when I was sold this terrible schedule.  And!  The kids get out early on Mondays, so I have everyone home and it's hell to keep the babies away from the big boys while homework happens.


Luckily, this was my penultimate shitty Monday.  I have a meeting next week, a week off, and then a final exam but I don't think Ben has to work that day, and next semester, he has a better Monday schedule.  I have spent all semester playing catch up because I am used to working outside the house 2.5 days in a row, and this semester, I have .25 on Monday, .25 on Wednesday, and .25 on Friday which is a quarter of a day more overall but feels like much much less. (And obviously, we both work from home the other 2.5 days, but working from home is tough when home is so comfy and full of snacks).  (I mean that, actually, but it sounded sarcastic).

And! And!  Just to eat into my work time a little more today, my co-room mom in Cooper;s class organized an awesome fire station field trip for the kids, so that;s what we did this morning.  it was so exciting because while we were there, the engine left on a call, then the ladder truck, then the ambulance.  Then the engine came back and all the kids got to squirt the fire hose and ring the bell. Preschool heaven right there.

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