Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Resolutions, I have a few.

1. Make baby #3 happen. Ideally, baby #3 will be a 2011 kind of kid, but the planning starts now. Because I wrote my dissertation on Planned Parenthood, a baby without a thorough blueprint would be some kind of ironic, huh?

2. Improve meal presentation. I have been increasingly embarrassed of my paper plate and disposable plastic table settings, and 2010 is the year I do something about it. I was at Amy's house before BlogHer, and I noticed that she fed her kids with place mats and the whole nine, and I realized I just sort of slop mine like the little pigs they are. So! Starting this year, more formal family dinners with place mats, cloth napkins, real plates, big people flatware, and cups without lids. Gasp. Next year we'll talk about introducing serving dishes instead of pouring all the food out of a big bucket.

3. Put pictures in albums! SInce Christmas when my husband and mother-in-law gave me lots of picture albums, I have put away 1350 pictures, which means I am caught up. Now every week when I collect my Walgreens order ($.09 prints from now until January 2nd), I am going to make sure I have an album to put 'em in.

4. Take a family picture everyday. For this one, I am launching a family photo blog. Here's the address, but there's nothing there yet. Check back January 1. And, you know, every damn day after that.

Sounds simple, right? There are other ones, too, that I'd like to do but may lack the resolve to follow through on. Like enjoy my kids every moment of the day. Ha! Like that's going to happen (no offense, kids). Or be nicer to my husband. I think that was last year's resolution, actually. Or write some fiction. That's one I'd love to do. I have more to say about that, actually, but there's a sleeping kid on my arm with whom I need to play trains before his baby brother wakes up and tears up all of our tracks.

But I want to know what your resolutions are because I am super nosy like that. So, if you're writing a New Year's resolution post, add your link to Mr. Linky, so we can all resolve together. Happy 2010, bloggy friends.


  1. Ooooh!!! Baby #3!!! That's exciting, even the blue print making.
    Good luck with the resolutions and whatnot ;)

  2. Tripod8:43 AM

    I love the resolution about #3, too!

  3. Cloth napkins??? Are you crazy? You want to add to the laundry issue?

    good luck!!!

  4. yay babies! and also, boo - do you need to give me baby fever more than I already have it? I already HAVE three kids woman, I don't need to be wanting more, haah!

    I also really love the idea of the daily photo blog. I am super jealous that I didn't think of it first, and may end up totally copying you. It's flattery, right?

    Happy New Year!

  5. that haah was either supposed to be aaahh! or haha! depending on whether you think I'm kidding :-)

  6. Happy New Year from the Yorks! May all your goals meet you.

  7. Sarah,

    Oh my gosh I love your blog and the fact that you have boys named Harry and Jack and a husband named Ben (crazy ben jedd who I remember when he was in high school and I met at Speech camp at BU) makes me love you even more.

    Three of the best boy names ever!! :)

    And one pretty girl to balance it all out! I will definitely be coming back to visit....and to tell you what a procrastinator I am...well, I have yet to make a single 2010 goal. lol :)

    Happy New Year!

  8. You are so not allowed to use me as an example because the only reason we use placemats is to keep the kids from scratching the shit out of the dark-wood table!

    The Baby 3 resolution is my favorite one! So far, so good in our house. I just hide with the new baby while Josh handles the other two. I am sure I will have a different view in another 10 days when he goes back to work.

  9. Just left mine, finally. I am an eternal procrastinator. Baby 3 freaks me out a little. I'm like five months behind you on everything and I haven't even considered that yet!