Monday, December 21, 2009

Making Merry

This morning, Harry came stomping into our room and said "Dada, mama. I think Santa got fat because he ate too many cookies and milks."

Come and get them, fat man.

Harry and Jack spent the day making cookies for Santa, and to avoid fights, they did it in shifts. First Jack made some snickerdoodles

(You see that blue pot in the background? It was full of delicious chicken and noodles with red onion, carrots, celery, and broccoli. Sounds good, right? And it totally would have been if I hadn't burned it all to shit-- after slow cooking it all damn day --about five minutes before Ben walked in the door.)

(But I digress-- back to the holiday magic.)

His main job was to roll the dough balls in cinnamon sugar, and he took this job extremely seriously.

After the cookies were finished, Jack buckled down and made some cinnamon toast

Where was Harry during Jack's peaceful cookie making encounter? Running himself ragged at Little Gym camp, which he loved so much we are probably going to sign him up for a class next month

He came home, donned his apron, and got busy trashing the place with his sugar cookie making skillz. He had an entire gingerbread unit at school this month (a gingerbread unit? wtf? how much is there to KNOW?) and realized that while he likes decorating, he's not a huge fan of the taste of gingerbread, so we did sugar (also Trader Joe's was out of gingerbread mix and I didn't have a gingerbread unit at school and didn't know offhand how to make it w/o mix and yes, Betty Crocker could have helped me out, but I was at the store already, and my phone doesn't work in that store, so my recipe apps were no help, either and actually? I might be a little defensive because it just doesn't seem like a magical holiday without freaking gingerpeople.)

Like Jack, Harry took his job very seriously

I was starting to get annoyed with him for using so much decorating gel and so many sprinkles and just generally making a yucky mess out of each cookie,

but then I took this picture and realized that he's just a fat-wristed baby who can put whatever crap he wants on his cookies if it makes him smile a baby-cheeked little smile

Harry and Jack in cookie form


Cannibal Harry eating his cookie self

Ah, Little Gym camp. He took a nap and still went to bed at his normal time.


  1. We tried gingerbread cookies from scratch today. Disaster, so you didn't miss a thing!!

    Love the pictures, but so sorry about your dinner. That's always a bummer, to say the least.

  2. OH I LOVE the last picture. Sleeping babies get me every time. Even if they are giant forty pound babies whose feet smell like a teenager's (like Charlie's, I cannot vouch for Harry's).

    So much fun! Charlie loves rolling snickerdoodles in the cinnamon. He also likes making the "balls" that are never truly ball shaped. So cute.

    And that apron is AWESOME.

  3. I'm totally inspired. Check out this recipe:

    Peanut Butter Surprise Cookies

    I made some a couple of months ago. At the time, I was totally thinking, "These might actually be fun to make with a kid." And if Miss Hannigan over here can imagine having fun with a kid...

    Now I'm off to bake some for my giant kid (i.e. Doug).

    Happy holidays my friends!

  4. No gingerbread cookies OR sugar cookies for us this year (bad mommy) but we did some salt dough ornaments so that *sort of* counts, right?

    (and the snow is some sort of wordpress thing that I turned on last year and I guess is still on this year - who knew!)

  5. Anonymous12:48 PM

    I'm so glad you have such patience..I might have had that 50 years ago....Did you get the slow cookerbooks and magazines? I sent them priority mail....Bomma

  6. I just made my family-recipe bars this year. I considered other things, but yeah, AJU5 had enough fun with the bars and making ornaments.

    Oh, and why can't they do things like we envision/ AJU5 is refusing to finish an ornament, but it is no where near where I wanted it to be!