Wednesday, December 23, 2009

In our jammies

We've been hanging out in PJ's quite a bit these last few days.

Usually, I try to tie picture-heavy posts together with some sort of narrative structure, but not today. Ben is SAHDing it up, and I am at work-- not leaving until my papers are graded, and all 3 classes are ready to go for January. Loooooooong day.

My little man baby

zOMG what big feet you have, my dear.

Th other night, we went out to dinner with Jamie's friends and family to celebrate her undergraduate graduation. The boys were funny and well behaved despite being out a little past their bedtime, so we took them for ice cream on our way back to the car (ice cream? in the snow? the hilarity was almost too much for them). It was so cold they kept their coats on while they ate, and when they were done, we walked through the parking lot with our mouths open, catching fat snowflakes on our tongues-- a charmed outing, the kind that makes me want to cry because I love evreyone so much.

Harry has become a major puzzler lately, and he's pretty pleased with his own efforts

Cleaning out the front closet-- Harry fell back in love with this birthday hat and we couldn't throw it away and someday he'll be on Hoarders.

He was sick on Saturday-- how pathetic is he?

More puzzle pride

At swim lessons. This time, the whole class was just kind of lolling around and paying with toys, but the funny thing is that that's what Harry does all the time in class. He is always the last one to finish a lap, mainly because he back floats and stares languidly at the ceiling every couple of minutes.

SUCH a helper.


  1. Say... I could use some help cleaning out my cupboards! Can we hire him by the hour?

  2. Ice cream in snow is the best :)
    Hope you get home at a decent hour... too much work is never good!

  3. Aww, I know exactly what you mean about sometimes wanting to cry you love everyone so much. I love those times.

    Jack is huge. HUGE. I can't believe what a big boy he is!

  4. Anonymous9:33 PM