Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Hi! Welcome! I love candy.

 Hello! According to my blog stats, there are a few new readers from THIS NY Post story about letting kids eat the heck out of their Halloween candy, which came about because a nice reporter read THIS Madison Mom post from a few years ago.

So, welcome to my vintage mommy blog where I just complain about how hard it is to raise tiny humans and never try to sell you things. 

You can read about my grad school experience, as well as the births of Harry, Jack, Coop, Dorothy, and Minnie, the time I peed my pants and thought I was having a baby (and then told the world about it), and various other ridiculous things. 

Just pooping on to post this because there’s new traffic, and my current posts are kind of boring even for me. (A new water bottle! Sheet masks I barely even have time for! Boo-hoo I have to shop for Chrismukkah-- you get the idea).

OK, listen, I gotta go— this afternoon promises to be a total cluster. I got a weird bcc email from Cooper’s teacher about math homework he has to do, and Coop HATES homework. Dorothy is being very extra about dressing up for Halloween every single day this week at dance practice— in a different costume— and Minnie gathered a big bag of sticks and leaves before nap with the intention to make art with them “after I wate up.” PLUS, various kids have rehearsal for the fall play, tennis, swimming, and dance tonight, and dinner might be dicey because my stew is more of a soup, which is a bummer because last night’s soup was more of a stew. Bath humbug.

Godspeed, friends— see you on the flip side.

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  1. Read the Post article; so timely as I have switched to intuitive eating this year and I also find now that I have fewer restrictions in place...those things are less tempting. Or at least don't have a morality associated with them anymore (good vs. bad food).

    I'll admit I'm one of those mean parents that lets my kids have two pieces of candy a day, but it lasts forever and after about a month they tend to forget about it. I don't buy candy back from them though or anything like that. I just bring it out at supper each night for a few weeks and let them pick items...and then it slowly fades out of our minds and their teeth have managed to survive.