Friday, October 28, 2022

5 on a Friday: tiny treats edition

1. I was a little annoyed this week because Dorothy’s dance classes have been doing cute little Halloween numbers to perform for parents, and I had to come to class early, etc. BUT the performances were darling, and Minnie could not have been more excited. Here she is literally jumping for joy.

2. I love love love our post-Little Gym coffee and cookie date. It is a highlight of my week.

3. Talk about an unexpected treat. When is the last time you saw a unicorn on a unicorn doing ballet?

4. Cookie cutters transform a boring lunch to an exciting lunch— how could I have forgotten this divine toddler truth?

5. This $3 color-on Target tablecloth and these McDonald’s Happy Meal buckets (also a very nostalgic treat) filled with old crayons and colored pencils have been keeping her busy all week. And! Everyone just sort of colors a pumpkin absently when they pass the table. It’s a tiny seasonal delight for sure.


1 comment:

  1. EVERYTHING about this post made me smile, Sarah. Like, seriously. I love it all.
    The jumping for joy, the unicorns, the treats, the elevated lunch.
    Also: I do not use cookie cutters enough. I have such a narrow view of their use (namely: to make cutout cookies which I do once every few years), but there is so much untapped potential. I need to start brainstorming some new ways to use these in daily life. I can almost guarantee the kids will smile if they get a pumpkin-shaped sandwich on Monday in their lunchbox. And I HAVE a pumpkin-shaped cookie cutter.

    Such a feel-good post as I nurse my Earl Grey this morning. Thank you :)