Saturday, October 08, 2022

Stuff and Nonsense but in Paragraph Form

 On a superficial note (like there is ever a not superficial note around here lately), I am really loving the absence of gray in my hair. Some people look gorg with gray hair, but I am, sadly, not one of them, it turns out. At first, I was really stressing about how often I washed my hair, but I am starting to relax a bit on that front as well, and I have found that less hair product is definitely more. I still kind of resent the time investment and the actual price of the service, but it feels more worth it somehow when my hair is mostly clean most of the time.

Other delights? Fall temps, for sure. We plan to do all things pumpkin this weekend, and it's going to be down right chilly. Like, so chilly that I am going to have to clean out the big cedar chest in the laundry room and fill it with gloves for everyone to lose on the playground, under their car seats, and in the gutter, for all I know. It's also time to start accumulating Halloween candy, buying Hanukkah and Christmas gifts, and just sort of generally reveling in fall. 2/5 of the children requested flannel sheets, and I was happy to oblige. I want some for my bed as well, but I need super deep pockets, so I am on the hunt.

Minnie is enjoying Halloween-themed clothes and bike riding weather:

As the kids settle into the school year, they are starting to feel more comfortable in their routines. For Cooper, this is not necessarily a good thing because it means he feels more like himself in school-- which means he is ready to make mischief. I am surprised that kid doesn't wear overalls and a striped T-shirt and carry a slingshot because menace is his middle name. He's a super smart kid, but like Harry before him, he is starting to see that some advanced learning opportunities are really subjective and might not be available to kids who are kind of a challenge. I know if he can make it through this last year of elementary school with his bright spirit in tact, he is going to be fine (more than fine!) because junior high is wonderful, and he will enjoy the freedoms afforded to kids there and the challenge of extra work, new modes of inquiry, etc. Of course, he will probably also get kicked off the bus because he has never ridden a bus before, and, menace, as we have already discussed. I just don't want to hear any more about him getting his book taken away because he was reading when the teacher was trying to, um, teach about reading, um, in the library. You know?

I continue to be amazed at how happy gratitude journaling is making me. It's such a simple thing, and the prompts are so very basic. But still! Starting the day thinking about what's wonderful about my life has made the whole day feel better. I knew going in that it was an evidence-based happiness booster, but I was skeptical that such a little thing could be so satisfying.

Also satisfying: a cold afternoon and a husband who text a picture of homemade donuts on the kitchen counter:

Another little thing that is amazing? A standing groomer appointment for my stinky, stinky dog. I love it so much. Taking her in on the first Friday of the month is so easy to remember, and eliminating the hassle of scheduling, figuring out a good time, etc, makes me much more likely to follow through. I plan to drop her off a tiny bit early tomorrow because I can't let picking her up get in the way of nap time, but this is a small price to pay for a less stinky than usual dog. (Still stinky tho).

I think I forgot to mention (but every time I see a picture of HOCO I remember) that when Harry and Jack got dressed up to go to Homecoming last weekend, Minnie insisted that they were going to work, and it was the most adorable thing. She sees a guy in a suit, and she assumes it's time to go to work.

 Also adorable? Cooper's class mascot Bacon, who spent the weekend with us and had some excellent adventures:

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