Thursday, October 13, 2022

Fall, so far


Oh my goodness, you guys. I knew it was going to be ROUGH, but I don’t think I factored in how tired I am and how old. Part of this is just straight up age, but part of it is that Minnie is … not our best sleeper. I am just, like, WIPED by the end of the day. I have been making an effort to do something active in the evening (often this is bake, which is hurting my no eating in the evening rule, but in a delicious, delicious way—- and a really wholesome way with Harry and Jack around the island telling us about their days, etc), or else I just pass out on the couch.

Hockey try-outs wrap up this week, and Cooper and Dorothy have a swim meet and a dance convention (respectively) this weekend. While Harry also takes the PSAT. Which means the toddler has to either come to dance (gah!) or swim (maybe less gah!?). And did I mention that both of these events are out of town by a pretty fair bit? GAH.

Tomorrow, the kids are off school (but Ben has to work on campus), and I have promised at least some of them that they can go to the skanky trampoline park that opened right before the penny. And tonight, Harry is having bros over to watch football. Then we have Sporty Saturday, and one of us needs to take Dorothy back to the dance convention on Sunday (where she will take a kick line class and a belly dancing class, among others).

What I am saying is that the breaks … aren’t happening.  Weekends are sometimes harder than the actual weeks.

Luckily Beatrix is having no issues catching a break.

Actually? Beatrix just manifests a break, and maybe that’s something I need to work harder to do.

Oh my goodness I love this baby so much. She is SO VIBRANT.

How sweet is Dorothy as a big sister?

I came home from work, and she stole my accessories.
Not only did we have a lovely night out at a fabulous restaurant with old friends, but we had so much fun, we decided to have a monthly supper club. LOVE it.
Still loving swim lessons. Still doing a bad job of timing my hair wash days to accommodate baby swim.
Speaking of busy weekends, we went to the pumpkin patch! Harry was too cool for school, but the rest of us had fun.

As you can see from the above photos, fall is GORGEOUS here this year. The sky! The leaves! The perfectly crisp air— it’s all so perfect.

Weather that inspires art, that’s for sure.

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  1. I know how important it is to find margin - BUT MY GOODNESS THINGS LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL AND FUN. The kids have such great opportunities, Minnie is CLEARLY living her best life, and I'm a lot less busy than you and still haven't made it to a pumpkin patch. I hope you get some breaks amidst all the hectic stuff happening, but I think you deserve a whole sheet of gold stars for all the amazing things you/the kids are fitting in to your days <3