Monday, October 17, 2022

Water Bottle

 I felt like a real jerk not driving back to the Dells for my water bottle as soon I noticed it was missing. I spent over $40 on that water bottle, which seems like, I don’t know, too much to walk away from. But! The more miles between me and my Hydroflask, the more I realized that I never liked the darn thing.

I prefer a see-through water bottle so I know how much I have to drink. I also really like something without a straw but with a spout. Mine could either have a spout with a straw on the inside or a twist-off lid, and I liked neither of those.

I have put “drink more water” on my list of improvements for months now, and I know that doing a job is easier when you have the right tools, but for some reason, I thought that since this was a pricey water bottle (and since Ben, Dorothy and Cooper all have and love theirs), I already had the right tool.

Anyway, I replaced it with a 2-pack of BPA-free, dishwasher safe see-through Contigo bottles from Target for $16 (less that half the price for twice the product!) and I have already had over 100 ounces of water EFFORTLESSLY today. (My old water bottle NEVER EVER leaked and kept things really cold, so there’s that).

Is this a metaphor? I mean, if I thought more about it, I am sure it is. But really it’s a story of me being a wasteful jerk and also needing to pee a lot.

Minnie chose herself a winter jammie capsule wardrobe. AND! She is traumatized by last week’s visit to the Target Halloween aisle:

Also she doesn’t like her black NorthFace coat (that used to be HARRY’s), so when we walked through the clothes section, she kept saying “There cute coat!” And “Cute pink coat for Minnie!” She even said the coat did not fit her, so Cooper tried it on:

Meanwhile, Dorothy has no misgivings about brotherly jacket hand-me-downs, rocking a jacket and a puffer vest:
She also loved that little back coat:


  1. I LOVE my Yeti for water. Granted...I have the magnet lid which DOES leak. This annoys me because I can't ever toss it into a bookbag, but aside from that issue - I drink so much water out of this thing every day.
    We've also used and loved lots fo Contigo products, too, but I love having something insulated so it doesn't "sweat" and so the water stays cold.

  2. I think there’s so much wisdom in knowing what works for you, vs what works for the masses. I don’t like ice water and I don’t want to take my whole lid off, so a hydro flask isn’t the right tool for me. But I spent a lot of money on a coffee mug big enough to keep 2+ cups hot as long as I wanted them to. C loves ice water so a yeti tumbler is totally worth it for him.

    I love Minnie’s efforts! Pretty clever :)

  3. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Water bottles - this was the prompt I needed to finally order a new valve for my son’s bottle. He loves it but lost the little silicone piece and it leaks like crazy without it.