Friday, October 07, 2022

5 on a Friday: Truly Random Randoms

 1. A radiologist read my mammogram results immediately after the nurse took the images, and I got the all-clear/see-you-next-year of my dreams. The whole experience took 23 minutes from entering the clinic to walking back to my car. Yay!

2. I love Ali Hazelwood, and her new book was just as charming and delightful as her first.

3.  COWBOY COOKIES. I forgot how much I loved these until Minnie and I were at the coffee shop after The Little Gym, and I encouraged her to get one so I could have a bite, and she, of course, refused and got regular chocolate chip. So I made my own, and I loooooooooooove them. Especially for breakfast in my office with a giant coffee.
4. I cannot stop with the Dorothy and Minnie matching outfits. It’s a problem. Sort of.

5. Of all the shows Minnie watches (which OMG TV has become a thing for her in a very slippery slope kind of way, but whatever), the only one that’s totally relevant to her life is the old classic Little Bear. It’s just the bear and his mom hanging out and doing quiet home stuff all day long. All the other shows have kids in childcare at least part time, and the whole thing makes me feel like a relic, too. Here’s this antique show you old lady raising your kid in a weird Old Timey way. But! It’s so sweet and gentle and soothing, and it has made Minnie say “oh dear,” which is charming and delightful. 


  1. I'm so glad the mammogram went smoothly and you got the all-clear! Hooray.
    All the matching outfits are ADORABLE!
    I watched Little Bear when I was a kid, and both mine went through a phase of enjoying it when they were younger. It gave me all the feels to watch episodes again as an adult.
    I feel you on the slippery slope with screens, but I mostly figure it's all okay. My kids have lots of fun opportunities and stay active. And they also sometimes spend 4-5 hours on a weekend day engrossed in screens. They will survive...
    I think it's wonderful that Minnie gets to be home and hang out with you. We did send our kids to part-time preschool when they got older, but they spent the majority of their lives pre-elementary school at home with me! It was exhausting, but I wouldn't change anything about it now.

    Mmmm. Cookies. Yum!

  2. Oh my gosh the Little Bear thing sounds so cute. "Oh dear." LOL

    Yay for great mammogram results!

  3. Erin M1:58 PM

    You inspired me to make the Cowboy Cookies—OMG so good!