Tuesday, October 25, 2022


One of my favorite little happiness boosts is my monthly sheet mask subscription from Facetory. I get 7 masks and one random full-sized beauty product a month, and it is a delight to receive.  The products are usually terrific, and there have been 3 that I love so much I buy them all the time.

I can't live without  Beauty Water toner, Artemesia Balancing Light Cream (to go under regular night cream), and Yadah Green Tea cleansing balm. All of these products are lovely, made with excellent ingredients, and cost very little. What a dream trifecta!

I also feel overwhelmed when it comes to sheet mask selection-- what makes a good one? What am I supposed to even be looking for in one? Aside from the Trader Joe's mask (which is the best $2 you could ever spend on anything), I never know which ones to buy. This subscription solves that problem, and after reading the insert that comes with my curated mask collection all these months, I am starting to actually know what I like and what to look for in a mask.

BUT! Lately (like the last quarter of the year), I have fallen waaaaaaaaay behind in my mask usage. When I get my new month's mask envelope, for example, I still have last month's sealed in my vanity. Yikes!

It took weeks and weeks of dry skin and mask shame for me to realize something: I do not like using sheet masks at night. The problem? I ALWAYS used to use sheet masks at night. It just made sense to slap one on after my shower when my face was toned, moisturized, etc (most of the time, you are not supposed to wash your face after using a sheet mask-- you just sort of pat the extra into your skin and call it a day). I dreaded it, though, because I always get so cold after my shower, and the mask is cold, too. Once I sort of climb into my couch nest at night after a long day of working and kid wrangling, I am loathe to get up again, but with a sheet mask, you have to, you know, get rid of the soggy mask at the end of your 15-20 minutes.

My solution? Do a mask in the morning. This is genius on several levels. It makes me floss basically as soon as I get up because flossing with a mask on is no good. It makes me exfoliate my face every morning, which is something I wasn't doing regularly. I would just use toner and put daytime lotion over last nigh's lotion. Now, even on non-mask days, I wash my face with exfoliating cleanser because it's a habit. It makes sure my face is washed and moisturized really early -- I do a mask right before I clean bathrooms-- which is getting me out the door on time to baby activities and  office hours, depending on the day. AND-- it takes about 15 minutes to clean 3 bathrooms and to do a face mask-- perfect multitasking. Multimasking?

As of tomorrow, I will only be one month behind in my mask use, and my skin looks GREAT. I plan to do 8 days of masks every morning and then go back to my more relaxed 2 times a week schedule, and I will be current before my December envelope arrives.

(Besides sheet masks, I also love Glossier's Mega Greens mask, Cocokind chlorophyll mask, and Milky Piggy carbonated bubble clay mask.)

Any other mask recs? In case you couldn't tell, I have a bit of an addiction...

Night masks are fun with a partner

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