Thursday, October 06, 2022

GAH. That’s all I can say.


I had to wait extra long at the pediatrician for Minnie’s check up on Monday, and I have been playing catch up EVER SINCE THEN. This is what happens when you lack margins in your life, people!

I am up early this morning to go to a mammogram appointment on the way to campus, and to say I am dreading it is an understatement. I mentioned that even though I am breastfeeding, my anxiety about going 4 years since the last one was unpleasant so I scheduled it anyway. And even though a really nice woman from the lab called and was like are you sure you want this appointment because you’re breastfeeding, and we will probably call you back for another one and an ultrasound, I was like yes I do. But now, morning of, DO I REALLY?

Minnie’s check up was great. The doc wants to see us back at 30 months because Minnie’s in the 91st percentile for weight which doesn’t match her other percentiles (but is delectable, if you ask me) and because she has molluscum (YUCK— Dorothy had this pre-Minnie (from a road trip hot tub ::VOMIT::) and it went away after like 20 months) ON HER FACE (GAH!!), and she might need a derm referral (also where did she even get it???).

After the doctor visit, we were reading an Elmo potty book, and Minnie mentioned that she would like a “tiny potty like Elmo.”


She has already peed AND pooped on it, and we are working on making it a routine.

Other happenings this week:

Minnie is working on her valet skills

Dorothy is killing the 90s throwback style

Swimming lessons continue to get a thumbs up from Minnie

Not plunging off the second story bleachers onto the pool deck is always a challenge at Cooper’s dive team practice. Naturally.

If you don’t want to do your English homework, you are going to have to do better than I can’t take the book home from school because no one can do a Barnes and Noble run faster than Ben.

The Little Gym continues to be a highlight of Minnie’s week

And not just because we get a cookie after class.

Fall for our tiny front yard tree.

I live in the girls’ bathroom now.

Toddlers are the literal best.


  1. Oh, those pictures of Minnie are just too much! What a cutie. And yay for potty training successes!
    Hope the mammogram appointment goes smoothly <3

  2. Oh, how wonderful and BUSY life is with a toddler! Except when you're stuck in the bathroom. Womp womp. I love your son's expression in the photo with the book -- LOL. Foiled!