Saturday, October 15, 2022

DANCE MOM, part 1

 I mean, listen. THERE MIGHT ONLY BE ONE PART. But also we are coming back here tomorrow, so maybe there will be more.

TL; DR: We are at a dance convention, and Dorothy is having the TIME OF HER LIFE.

We left at 6:38 this morning, so I did a 5:30 face mask to wake the hell up.

Also, I am way too proud of myself for putting my kid in the car and driving 50 minutes away on a highway like a regular person. I KNOW. My bubble is a small one, what can I say?
Dorothy’s job is to spend the next 2 days taking as many different dance classes in as many different styles as she can. My job is to do nothing to get ready for the week ahead or clean my house or pay attention to my other kids and also pay for it.

So far, we are both excellent at our jobs.

She started with hip hop. Then she did leaps and turn. Then she did more hip hop. Lunch. Another hip hop. And then old school jazz, where a 64-year-old woman who keeps imploring the class to KICK YOURSELF IN THE FACE claims to be teaching Fosse. I LOVE MY LIFE.


  1. Can I just say I am so impressed you do face masks! I do so little facial care (like water, a cloth, and a little bit of coconut oil and never anything more; it's a little sad) and I know it's going to start showing and soon.

    Also, how fun that Dorthy gets to do such a concentrated dance intensive and try out all sorts of new skills! A genius idea.

  2. Former lurker steph3:35 PM

    Creeping from the lurker shadows to say you probably SHOULD be proud of yourself. Doing the full life like you do on here ("I know how she does it" style) and all that, it's a lot sometimes. FWIW, you've just inspired me to be more intentional with my frame of mind instead of squandering my one-on-one time doing kid activities overthinking/dreading all the to-do's. 💕