Sunday, October 02, 2022

October Goals: This month, I Wil...

 1. Welcome our season of life KINDLY, and I am going to try really really hard to avoid complaining about all of the drop offs, pick ups, solo bedtimes, etc. The other day, I complained to Ben about all of the things Little Leader was doing in just one day, and he kind of snapped at me and reminded me that I was the one advocating for all of these opportunities. And he was RIGHT. So. I am just going to accept where we are this month and work welcoming our busy season.


3. Wear my Apple Watch every day and aim for 60 minutes of exercise. I generally don’t like a fitness tracker for me (I honestly think it makes me gain weight) BUT, I want to try to get 30 minutes of exercise outside of my normal 30 minutes on the elliptical, so this might be kind of piecemeal, hence the need for a tracker.

4. Make cut-out cookies in the shape of Wisconsin and let Minnie experience dough for the first time. I think she is going to love it.

5. Read my backlog of Book of the Month books (I have a backlog in direct violation of one of my 22 for 2022 goals, but I blame COVID and our vacation shuffle).

6. Deal so effortlessly with my PMS-constrained mood fluctuations that Ben DOESN'T EVEN NOTICE my period might be approaching. THIS HAS NEVER ONCE HAPPENED IN OUR ENTIRE MARRIAGE.

Minnie, striding toward her own October goals, I can only assume:

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  1. Love this list.

    I have terrible PMS and my husband ALWAYS knows when my period is coming. Unfortunately, it can sometimes last over a week. Sigh. And I'm not exactly Mrs. Chipper once the dreaded event comes around. That said, my biggest goal for October is to get through my hysterectomy...which, unfortunately, doesn't necessarily eliminate PMS symptoms, but will forever solve one issue!!