Monday, October 24, 2022

Holiday Madness

 We are gearing up to launch into holiday season, friends, and I am NOT READY. 

Our family birthday season spans March-September, and then we barely catch our breath before HALLOWEEN———>CHRISTMAS unfolds with Hanukkah and Thanksgiving somewhere in there.

Ben and I strolled Costco on Saturday night (the best date nights start at Costco), buying Halloween candy and putting odds and ends (stocking stuffers, mostly) in our cart. We realized we have no idea what to buy the kids for the most part. GAH. And have not even started thinking about each other or other family. Where are we going? Who is coming to visit? What’s our NYE plan? We are going to Disney for Hanukkah (but not technically over Hanukkah), so that’s simple enough. But still Christmas and all the special magical pressure.

Also, there are still some Halloween kinks to iron out (booooo to Trunk or Treat at school, but we will go because kids are only kids for a second) and stuff to assemble for class parties. BTW, I am not volunteering in the classroom because I really do not have enough Minnie-free time this year, but Coop told his teacher that his mom can’t volunteer because she won’t do the background check. So, that’s awesome. PAY ATTENTION TO THE NUANCE, KID. (It’s true, I said I was not going to do the background check but it was about not having time to be in the classroom anyway, not the check itself LOL).

Then, of course, Thanksgiving and the matching turkey-themed dresses I need to procure (for Dorothy and Minnie, not me). Matching t-shirts for Disney, NATCH. And Christmas and all that comes with it. I am pre-stressed, which I guess is a step in my process. So, yay? Pre-stress is so fall-y and festive. I love that for me.

Not stressed? These witches:

Look at these dirty little feeties— we had the most perfect weather imaginable

Barefoot in the park in OCTOBER in WISCONSIN? Oh, I love it so much.

Also loving Minnie’s little haircut and that she call headbands crowns.
Oh! And how could I forget— she’s really into doll houses, which is just precious. She plays with little plastic figures like a real little person.

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  1. It is such a busy time of year! I woke up this morning stressing about the calendars I make each year for my parents, in-laws, and daughter. I know everyone is pushing the order-early mentality because of all the labour/supply shortages, but I'm so tired by the end of the day this project just keeps getting pushed off...but it is literally the favourite gift my parents/in-laws get so I feel like I HAVE to do this. And all of a sudden Christmas is only 2 months away and that feels like forever...but also very soon since everything starts up in November in terms of concerts, plays, and events. Gah. Exciting...but also stressful!!