Monday, May 09, 2016

The best Mother's Day weekend ever. I say that every year. But seriously.

I have had some pretty wonderful Mother's Days.  And I mean wonderful because of my healthy, vibrant family and all the amazeballs gifts my awesome husband gets me because my birthday and Mother's Day often overlap (because clearly I was the best Mother's Day present EVAR).  I am not above thinking days are awesome just because I get presents on those days.  I got push presents and liked them despite (because of?) the name, people.

My first Mother's Day was also my 29th birthday, and I don't remember what I got, but I do know that I was young and fantastically thin.

My second Mother's Day was two short days before my 30th birthday when I had a 3-week old (colicky) baby and was still fabulously thin with awesome boobs.  And I got this wonderful right-hand ring.

My third Mother's Day was definitely eclipsed by defending my dissertation, graduating, and being the commencement speaker at the Kohl Center.  But those things were pretty cool, and I scored amazing flowers and fabulous earrings.  AND A DOCTORATE.

My fourth Mother's Day was my introduction to the world of iPad.  And also I had to give a final exam.

My fifth Mother's Day was a day where I was pregnant with Cooper and STILL SKINNIER THAN I AM NOW.  Also, I had excellent hair and was gifted 2 gorgeous preschool-made broaches.

My sixth Mother's Day was my birthday again, which always means THE BEST PRESENTS.  Also, I had a new baby and was STILL SKINNER THAN I AM NOW.  We began my favorite fancy brunch tradition on this day, too, and the kids have been told that this tradition must continue FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

My seventh Mother's Day I made myself twinkies and Cooper left whipped cream footprints at fancy brunch.

My eighth Mother's Day was more fancy brunch.  And I thought I was really fat but I was STILL SKINNIER THAN I AM NOW.  But I still wear that dress.  Erm.

Last year, my ninth Mother's Day, was also my birthday weekend, so I had a party for 37; we did fancy brunch, and our friends threw a raucous barbecue where there was shot-ski action, and I first played Spot It for dollars.  Pretty darn fun.

Bu this year, MY TENTH MOTHER'S DAY, was one for the history books.

We started on Saturday with a Kentucky Derby party.
 As you can see, I was not on the same page as everyone else.
 Ben got me the new book by my favorite author in the world:
 And then!  After brunch, Ben dropped me off at the Barrymore Theater at noon for a 3:00 curtain, and I didn't see my sweet little kiddies again until this morning.

Listen to Your Mother was everything I hoped it would be and more.  I loved being onstage again and performing for a real audience.  I was really funny, and it felt great.  The other writers in the show SLAYED and made everyone cry. Even though I am fatter than I have been since a third trimester (fatter, probably than Cooper and Jack's third trimester), I felt pretty.
 My friends came with flowers and a stiff drink waiting for me as soon as I came off the stage.
 My mom was here, and she and Ben and I went to the same rowdy Mother's Day barbecue our friends threw last year.  Ben came home early to put the kids to bed:
 And the flowers he got me?  THE MOST GORGEOUS FLOWERS I HAVE EVER GOTTEN (juice box for scale):


  1. I loved flipping through all of your Mother's Days! Also, your gifts have been pretty amazing.

    (Picture this part in a very quiet voice, because apparently I can't NOT say things) I am certainly not one who can preach the whole "love the body you're in/we're all beautiful in our own way" because I'm TERRIBLE to myself, but from a not-creepy stranger, I wanted you to know that you are absolutely beautiful. Each of those pictures shows you at a markedly different stage of life and you look phenomenal in every single one. Plus you still rock a bikini with four kids!
    Back to our regular programming :)

  2. Those flowers are gorgeous. I'm trying to find a tactful way to tell Brett to stop buying me flowers because he always just goes to the grocery store and gets me the UGLIEST FLOWERS IVE EVER SEEN. For every occasion.