Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Swim lesson success!

 We are having THE BEST TIME at swim lesson at Goldfish Swim School. You can read my Madison Mom post about it, and you can see my Instagram stories on Sundays and Tuesdays. Both Dorothy and Minnie are having an absolutely blast, and it is really fun to have kids at both ends of the spectrum at this school. We have never really gone out of our way for swim lessons before. Harry took some as a bebe with me through the park district and a session at a swim school in town, and then he went to the Y for preschool, which was amazing because swim lessons were part of the class. Parents would come to pick up and take kids directly to the pool, get them changed, and sit on the bleachers and watch class— it was ideal. Then, of course, we joined a pool and the rest is history. At our pool, lessons start at 3 years (although I think we belonged to one that had baby lesson, and I took baby Jack), so Minnie would have to go lesson-less ALL SUMMER. Clearly, that’s silly because she is dying to swim like the big kids.

I am a Goldfish partner, but this post is not sponsored— I just really love the lessons and the level of instruction the kids are getting. Minnie and I have fun in the water, and she’s able to go under without drinking it and support herself on a barbell while she floats— pretty great progress in 4 weeks. Dorothy has been going for 6 weeks, and she is much better at technique than she was over the summer. She has a swim meet in a couple of weeks, and I can’t wait to see if her time has improved.

If you have a Goldfish in your town, I think it absolutely worth the cost of tuition, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


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  1. Ack. Levi has had ONE swim lesson his whole life. Between COVID and then him breaking a wrist after DAY ONE of swimming lessons last year...sigh. I feel so, so guilty about this because I learned how to swim when I was very little. A big part of the problem is how cold he gets in the water. He freezes in seconds and the place he could do swimming lessons over the winter has FREEZING water. So I'm waiting for summer...but then that's such a long time.
    He can "swim" a bit, but I want him to really leapfrog in confidence. Dedicated swim lessons next summer has to be high on my radar!!