Wednesday, March 02, 2022

We're baaa-aaack!

 We're back on the big red mat! I am so happy, and Minnie was THRILLED. I mean, listen, she put her hands in her mouth before we could wash them after class, but that was my fault. Next time I will travel with hand sanitizer in my pocket.

She did such a good job of listening to the directions and saying hello to everyone and trying the skills and answering any questions posed to her with a resounding YES. She also said bubble and pop and joined the baby zombie mosh pit when the bubbles came out.

We missed the opening circle (LOL), so she was not into the closing circle. She just wanted to keep playing in the gym-- and who can blame her? It is the only baby-focused activity she has ever done in her entire life. But when all the other babies started to leave, she left quietly, too, even though I could tell she was about ready to lose her shit.

I really hope she doesn't get sick because a couple of babies were super fussy and clingy, which might just be how they are but also reminded me of babies who don't feel well. Still, no one was coughing. No one had a runny nose, and only one mom was mask-free. We had a truly wonderful time, and I am glad we can do stuff like TLG again. (Should we? That's an entirely different question. I think yes because Minnie is getting to be an age where she needs little bit of stimulation, but it was completely obvious that the pandemic has not hindered her growth or development, thank goodness. Perk of a huge family, perhaps?)

After gym, we came home and had a cozy rest of the day where Minnie trashed the house, and I worked on an Ida B. Wells lecture and tried valiantly to beat down my imposter syndrome.

Look how much she loved THE LITTLE GYM!!!

Look how badly she trashed the living room:

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