Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Kiddie Spring Break: Day 5

 Ben is the best dad ever. He took the kids to a Courtyard Marriott and let them eat Subway under the covers, snack on giant Twix ice cream bars, and swim in the hotel pool ALL DAY LONG.

They came home for dinner, but they are back there now, planning to swim until bedtime, take showers in the room, and come home jammied and ready for bed.

Checkout isn't until noon tomorrow, so I am going to take them back for a morning swim so I can have coffee and go to a couple of meetings on Zoom because I am **not the fun one. (If you have been here long, you will not be surprised).

I should also note that we are only talking about the middle 3 kids. harry was too cool and also had both speech coaching and tennis practice, and Min Min stayed home with me. I worked in my office this morning (**angels singing**) (and I got my summer syllabus done!!) and then worked at home this afternoon during nap-- which is when Ben and the rest went swimming.

And I didn't skip the pool because I am too heavy for all my swimsuits. I swear.



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  1. How fun!
    Our kids LOVE to staycation at local hotels.
    My parents were so frugal (rightfully so!) when I was growing up so this NEVER happened for me as a kid (I want 19? before I spent a night in a hotel), but we do it regularly with our kids.
    I find the Math works out quite well; we always find a hotel with a pool (entry fees to use hotels would run almost $10/person), we get a Continental Breakfast (another $40)...etc. So I find it's actually a very economical way to fit in a lot of family fun! We sometimes combine this with a kid's birthday, too, so the hotel stay becomes part of a "present" and the birthday kid gets to pick what movie we watch in bed etc.