Thursday, March 24, 2022

Cheers to an early morning!

 For the first time since Minnie was born, I woke up pre-6 am to work. AND I LOVED IT. I used to use this early morning time to work on my book (sad trombone), but today, I got the 3 most important work tasks off my plate, so if my entire day goes sideways, at least those are done. It's a lovely feeling.

But! This time happened by accident. I thought Minnie was awake because my monitor started beeping. She wasn't, though, until I crashed into her room walking like a bear, which is how I walk before 6 am. So, I fed her (she's always up for that) and looked at the clock. It was 5:05 when I put her back in her crib, and I thought oh what the hell? My alarm was set for 6:20, and for a brief second, I considered all of the things I could do between 5:05 and 6:20. AND THEN I DID THEM.

When Ben worked for DWD, he and I would both get up before 5:30 to start our days because the regular daytime hours were just not enough. When Ben got his new job, his pace settled down quite a bit, and I was just too tired from broken sleep to get up early. But this morning has been so cozy. If Minnie keeps sleeping all the way through the night, I am going to resurrect this habit.

Goodness knows I need the extra hours. I am in the middle of fall course prep, and summer course prep is starting to really stress me out. I am teaching in-person in the summer for the first time since like 2014, and the amount of planning is far less than for an online class, but still a lot. My fall class is one that I haven't taught since BEFORE TIMES, so it needs  face lift, too. It's a hybrid class that meets once a week and has an online component. Pre-panny, the online expectations were different. Now people expect way more dynamic online content. So... I'm working on it. I love to complain about stuff like this, but, obviously, I also love it to pieces, which is why I am planning September in March.

Cheers to good baby sleep and a productive morning!

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  1. It's such a delicate balance between sleep and productivity. I've been having #AllTheProblems with sleep lately, but I also realized I haven't been getting up out of bed to work as much, and maybe that's why I'm suddenly feeling behind. Back at it's worst - in November - some nights I would only sleep 2-3 hours (I was terrible)...but I got SO much done.
    Now I'm more rested overall, but I'd gotten used to having those quiet early morning hours to myself to be productive.
    Unfortunately, I am NOT a morning person. I've tried and tried to wake up early and get a great routine going and maybe at some point some hormonal shift at 50 or so will make me a morning person. Sadly, I'm not really a "night" person. I'm just a "Needs A Lot of Sleep" person.