Monday, March 21, 2022

Face potions; weekend recap

 Since we are not sending Minnie to preschool anytime soon, I have decided to spend the equivalent of tuition on potions for my face. Sort of kidding. But not really. 

Remember like 12 years ago when I FREAKED OUT about toxins in everything? Well, I started using more natural skincare products then and never really looked back. Except I should have looked back. Or at least at my crow’s feet. 

I have rediscovered my love of Lancôme and am using serum, eye serum, eye cream, and night cream every single day. I cannot part with my trusty Aveeno calming soap or daytime potion/sunscreen yet because I get rosacea from basically any other cleaners and moisturizer/sunscreen I have ever used, including the Lancôme samples that came in my Christmas box of goodies. My skin looks REALLY REALLY good. So good that the $230 price tag on some neck cream is starting to sound perfectly reasonable to me. GETTING OLD IS HARD.

Speaking of looking fabulous! Dorothy went to her first dance competition, and I am very proud of my hair and makeup skills:


Her team won their category and got 4th place overall. I have no idea what this means, but she was thrilled, so yay!

Also, she has on eyebrows which is hilarious AND I learned some things watching the video makeup tutorial her studio sent that I could apply to my own makeup. Old dog, new tricks, etc.

She also had softball tryouts:

Cooper had his end-of-season hockey party and got to skate at a Capitols game. He had a wonderful time as you can see:

I am getting excited for baseball/softball season because we can be outside! But Minnie has recently discovered parks, so we might not be able to go to the Little League fields. I am pretty sure there are 1,000 ways for a baby to seriously injure herself on the playground there.

Speaking of, I took a picture of her on the slide at the little park in our ‘hood as opposed to HELPING HER BEFORE SHE SMASHED HER FACE
I didn’t go to the dance contest— Ben did— but he sent some excellent action shots:


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  1. I am so lame (and cheap). Years ago I read a thing about Tim Ferris' girlfriend at the time and she said all she used for cream/makeup remover was coconut oil. And that is literally all I own and use.
    I also think it's a product of the fact I HATE washing my face and am not really in to creams/makeup in general. I know even if I bought the absolute best product I wouldn't end up using it.
    It's good for my wallet, but likely won't be so good for a "youthful complexion" as I age...