Saturday, March 05, 2022

Mask-free? What do you think?

 I popped into my favorite coffee shop without a mask to grab a coffee on my way to the office, and it felt… awesome? And then I felt bad for feeling good because I am SO LIBERAL YOU GUYS and according to my ideological underpinnings, I should be vehemently pro-mask, and I am, but also. I love smiles?

Just me and my lazy eye with our naked slutty face out:

When our kids’ school district removes masks, our kids will still wear them because we have an unvaccinated baby. I will still wear a mask to meetings, etc, but I think I am going to take it off when I am no the stage in my lecture hall. I will definitely wear one anywhere I go with Minnie (library, Little Gym, etc). Probably also at Target or the grocery store. But it was lovely to pop inside without rummaging in my purse for my mask. I imagine I will venture down the office hall to fill up my water bottle sans mask, but if I want to talk to a work friend, I will put one on. We still aren’t on board with indoor eating (well, I think Harry eats in restaurants with his friends, but I can’t make his decisions for him, and he is a really smart kid, so I trust his judgment).

What about you all? How are you making your decisions, and what feels ok to you? I am inching along with anxious little baby steps.


  1. We have only work masks when businesses required them. Our kids have activities that have required them and others that haven't. Now that our state no long had a mandate, we haven't worn them in a few weeks. We still have them if we have to go anywhere that still requires them (doctor, etc), but we aren't concerned. Covid tan through our house in January, and it was VERY mild. We didn't figure out it was Covid until the fourth and fifth person on the house got sick. The one that got the sickest was the one that was vaccinated... And even then, it was just flu-like symptoms (test confirmed Covid...)

  2. Having the same struggle-- liberal, and I'm a pediatrician! Very pro-mask! But my youngest kid is 11 so we're all vaccinated and we're not around any elderly or immunocompromised. Schools went to masks "recommended" but not "required" 2 weeks ago and my kids report something like 10% of kids are consistently wearing them now. I'm thinking we're going to see a dramatic increase in the non-COVID colds getting passed around and that's still very inconvenient because they're still requiring testing if symptomatic and then at least 5 days out if positive. So we're still masking at this point. Particularly my teen who can't stop picking at her lips when she's not wearing a mask!

  3. I think I'm ready to phase them out. I'm still wearing them at work (doctor's office and all), but I've popped into the grocery store a few times without and it felt...fine? A little weird maybe, but more in a social agreement way and not in a "going to bring home the plague" way. Our schools are lifting the mask mandates next week and I think I'm going to let the kids decide what they feel comfortable with. If we had anyone at home without the vaccine I'd be more adamant, but even my immune-compromised mother is kind of "eh" about it so at this point I think we'll mostly wear them in crowds and if we're feeling sick.