Saturday, March 19, 2022

It's almost nap time on Tuesday right??

 I just updated my books post for April, and I am THIRTY-FIVE BOOKS ahead of schedule. Ha! That seems excessive, but also, good for me? I just listed to Four Thousand Weeks, and the author talks about having hobbies especially pointless ones, and I am crushing that. Also I had the best conversation with my hairdresser about AirPods and audiobooks revolutionizing housework. I am so excited to clean the kitchen when I have a good book on tap.

THIS WEEKEND you guys. It is non-stop. I literally thought to myself today Well, at least I will get to relax on Tuesday durning Minnie's nap. That's sad.

But listen: Ben is taking Dorothy to her dance competition today (because I don't want to drive to the Dells by myself because I am terrible at directions-- like, I have no survival skills if I get even a little bit off track). Then he gets home and immediately has to take Cooper to his end-of-season hockey party and also to a minor-league? single-a? semi-pro? hockey game where the team gets to skate between periods (which I almost called intermission even though I know better than that). Pre-baby/pre-panny, these all would have been whole-family activities. But seriously. I don't care how low the numbers are, the last place I want to take my too-young-for-a-vax baby right now is the Wisconsin Dells followed closely by a party with food and and indoor sporting event.

Then on Sunday, Ben will be gone ALL DAY for baseball team try-outs, and Dorothy also has to try out for softball and oh yes! 

Harry has a speech tournament, so he won't be home for clutch babysitting when I do things like pick up the groceries, etc. I have big plans to change sheets and clean bathrooms which means Minnie might score some quality Frozen time, but listen, she holds up either one finger or two depending on which movie she wants to watch, so these films are basically preschool.

Monday is my first day back to campus after spring break and I have a giant midterm in my giant class and GAH.

So, Tuesday. Nap time. A book. My bed. It's going to be AMAZING.

Picture just because it's awesome:

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  1. That comment about Minnie holding up 1 or 2 fingers to let you know which Frozen film she wants to watch was hilarious! My kids watch a lot more screens than I imagined, but I also never imagined HOW MANY HOURS there can be to fill (especially during pandemic-era life + long, snowy Canadian winters).
    A busy weekend for you indeed. Hope it's a "nice" full and you manage to get those sheets changed and bathrooms cleaned. Reorganizing a drawer is one of my favourite weekend activities - sad but true...though instead of decluttering I really should turn my attention to my own bathrooms. We'll see how adventurous I feel.
    We're just finishing March Break (what we call "spring break" here in Canada), and today is pretty relaxed after lots of busy adventures. A birthday party right up the street in our neighbourhood and then a few scheduled outside events - a family walk and then connecting for a walk with a friend I haven't seen in several weeks.