Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Crabby Tuesday

 Yesterday’s post just made me LOL because IT IS NO LONGER SPRING. We are back to fall in Wisconsin but without the pretty leaves.

Yesterday was crabby baby day at The Little Gym. We almost did not go. But then we got there and EVERYONE E was crabby, and I felt so much better. Minnie was a little pill all day and constantly shouted MAMA, stomping around after me to scream my name. She also took a. Moderately crappy nap and woke up TWICE to eat in the middle of the night, so I think teeth. Right now, her left side is a little underpopulated compared to the very sharky right.

Her face when she requested FROZEN 1 VERY CLEARLY by saying duh-zuh and holding up a SINGLE DIGIT, and I cued up Frozen 2.

Here she is snuggling with me after nap and attempting to eat a hair. She loves to pull the hair off my head and eat it. I know this is weird.


  1. I blamed every crabby mood for my kids on teething until they were at least 5.
    I wish I was still teething; it would help me explain a lot of not-so-stellar days myself...Though, at my age, I just blame hormones for everything.

  2. My daughter liked to eat my hair too! Lol. It became part of our night time routine: kiss, cuddle, blanket, hair from mommy's head to chew on 👍🏼