Tuesday, March 22, 2022

New experiences for Minnie

I am beyond thrilled to be celebrating spring with the world’s most delightful toddler.

Here she is at the zoo:
Riding her birthday plasma car:
Experiencing sidewalk chalk and a world without coats:
Delighting at the otters:
Meeting Bucky
Being EXHAUSTED after dinner following a day of playing outside
Independently walking places:
This is not a new experience, but it is delightful:

Being lured home from the park with bubbles:

She is so adorable in person. I want you all to hear her sing “Love Is an Open Door” from Frozen. It’s too much. Or watch her laugh when pizza is on the menu. Or see her at 3 am with her blanket off and one fat foot up in the top railing of her crib, ready to come get me her darn self. How did I ever live so long in a world without a Minnie?



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