Friday, March 18, 2022

We all scream for ice cream— no, actually, Minnie is the only screamer

 I had spring break this week which was not very different than normal weeks except I got exactly ZERO time to work even though emails were piling up in my box. Which? SPRING BREAK. We went nowhere because Harry can’t really miss a week of school mid-semester anymore, and the kids don’t have a break for a couple more weeks (and we can’t travel on their break because I don’t have vacation). So that’s a bummer.

We had gorgeous weather, though, so we took Minnie on her inaugural DQ visit for dessert— she’s a big fan:

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  1. First time visitor (came over from the Shubox).
    Wow - I haven't been to DQ in almost a decade and this is taking me back!
    It was our spring break too (here in Canada we actually call it "March Break"); we visited my parents in a neighbouring province. The highlight of the week? Tapping maple trees and making our own syrup - which we had on waffles tonight for supper. Lowlight of the week? Sibling fights, though they were relatively infrequent, so I'll call it a win.