Sunday, March 27, 2022

Kiddie Spring Break Day 2

 I am mostly kidding when I tell you that my favorite day of the kids’ spring break might be tomorrow because I have to work all day. MOSTLY KIDDING. MOSTLY.

Today, we cleaned the house and made a big dinner, which is what we usually do on Sunday. But! Because we are trying to keep things EXTRA FUN, we also got ridiculous cookies at a local bakery (that ships! Might be worth it— these cookies are SO GOOD and we also love the spicy cheese bread) and went for a walk at a pretty park.

Harry was too cool to hang out with us, but we got an extra cookie to split between our 4 hikers so they wouldn’t have to wait all the way until dessert, and they ate while they walked— it was pretty adorable.

“Winded” after walking I don’t know A THIRD OF A MILE

They both had huge walking sticks
It was great selfie light— what can I say?
She really liked her cookie
The funny thing is, we didn’t even have all our kids with us, and there are still so many of us on the path.
Bringing up the rear
Stopping for cookie.
Minnie never leaves anyplace willingly

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  1. That last picture. Oh I remember leaving places with toddlers. Fun times (I say with both sarcasm AND truth).