Wednesday, March 09, 2022

My face is melting

 Minnie woke up at 4:36. On the one hand, this was terrific because I went to bed at 10:40, so I slept nearly 6 hours in a row. On the other hand, this was horrible because Minnie would not let me put her back in her crib but she would sleep nurse while I sat in the rocker. Again, this, too, was lovely in its own way. But also terrible because no one wants to wake up for the damn day at 4:36. I ended up rocking her, both of us covered in an afghan my grandma made me when I went to grad school, until 6 when I finally had to get on the elliptical machine and deposit her (awake, happy, giving lots of kisses and happily sticking her fingers in eyes and ear — not hers— while saying eye and ear) in Ben’s bed. Sweet, yes. But also, I think I am too old for this.

Also, my face is melting into my neck, and even when I have makeup on I look exhausted. Part of this is because I am exhausted, but I think it is also because I am mid-40s. GAH.

Minnie, though, is fresh as a freaking daisy.

Dorothy days the white stripe in my hair is just like Princess Anna, so there’s that.
The above pic in Minnie’s room was too flattering, so you need to see me right now-ish. 
Maybe lipstick will save me.

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