Tuesday, March 08, 2022

So! Freaking! Toddler-y!

She wants to sit at this little desk instead of stand at it like a little easel but she can't quite, but also SHE DOES NOT WANT HELP.
But it's so cute when she gets settled.
Have I mentioned how darn industrious she is?
Jon says she looks mad enough to unionize in this pic, but really she loved shoveling.
We got 4 inches (maybe more?) during the Monday morning commute, and the city was basically like, listen there's nothing we can do about it. Drive slow. So the whole day was kind of screwy.

And then today has been a mess with various schedule snafus and Harry home on a random day off. Tomorrow is even more screwy with workday conflicts and also a post-work doctor appointment for Minnie, and Thursday has ill-timed meetings a plenty. It's one of those weeks where we are both like HOW DOES ANY OF THIS WORK? Like if someone asked me how do you do it all, I would say that I honestly have NO IDEA.

And you guys? I's only TUESDAY.

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