Thursday, March 31, 2022

Kiddie Spring Break Day 6

 SO MUCH SNOW, and I am just. Ugh. WISCONSIN! 

I had meetings this morning, but Ben had the day off, so everything was slow and lazy.

Dorothy got this totally bizarre stuffed animal for her birthday (well, listen: I bought it for her for Chrismukkah, but also I bought her way too much stuff, so we stashed it away for her birthday), and she played with it this morning. It was a whole THING

It comes out of the box as horrifying little fur rectangle with tufts of hair falling off

And then you use a cute little pink “razor” to shave it

But even Minnie figured out pretty quickly that the razor has nothing to do with the hair clumps falling out.

Okay, so, next you collect all of the shorn fur and stuff it in a little pillow case for the dog to use as a bed which OMG. This is the point in the process that Beatrix started to look worried, and who can blame her?
Next, the mangey little thing gets a sink bath and a pretty intense blow out

This is all followed, naturally, by an ice-water activated, color-changing pedicure
And it’s actually kind of cute
I took the middle 3 back to the pool so Ben can get the basement ready for the event planning company to bring the tents for Dorothy’s birthday party (another whole Thing that I will tell you about), and we are all looking forward to a lazy, snowy afternoon. 

(But first! There was window art!)

(Lost my ice scraper) (Found another one)

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  1. That is an intense stuff animal!! Wow. I think I would have given up at step 1 and opening the box.

    I love that slide at the hotel pool. The only ones we have ever had have been huge and scary for smaller kids. I love that this one is much more accessible for a broad age group!