Friday, March 11, 2022

18 month stats

 Minnie finally had her 18-month well-child appointment days before her 19-month birthday. It was uneventful because she only needed 1 vaccine, and she is crushing her milestones. Much to my surprise, she is YUGE. All her percentiles are above 70th, and she weighs 25.14 pounds and stands 33 inches tall with a giant head. Maybe we should have named door-handle-height, little-kid-size-shoe wearing Dorothy Minnie instead.

At 18 months, Harry was 25 pounds and 33 inches. Jack was 23 pounds and 33 inches. Cooper was 25 pounds and 33 inches, and Dorothy was 22 pounds and 32 inches. VERY SIMILAR BABIES. And also HAVE YOU SEEN THEM?

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