Saturday, November 14, 2020

Minnie was 3 months yesterday and also FIRE


Happy 3 month birthday! I already miss the newborn stage. It all goes by in a flash.

This baby needs to wear more sweatsuits.

Also pony tails

Ok, so FIRE!

I woke up last night at 2 and smelled something terrible, but I wasn't all the way awake and readjusted my pillow, about to ignore it an go to sleep when I realized it smelled like melting plastic and burning wire. I jumped out of bed to find the dishwasher still on (we turn it on before we go to bed at like 10:30) and the kitchen full of smoke-- but not quote enough smoke to reach the smoke detecter. I opened the dishwasher and more smoke poured out, so I flung open a window and woke up Ben. He was so annoyed with me at first because I have a more pronounced sense of smell than he does, and he;' over me telling him something stinks especially at an inconvenient time LIKE THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. But when I told him there was smoke, he got up. We checked the rest of the house just to be sure it was really the dishwasher and tried pretty unsuccessfully to go back to sleep. In the morning, Ben ran the dishwasher again just to be sure, and it started sparking.


We hauled it into the garage (which is more complicated than you might think) to get the smell of electrical fire out of the house (moderately successful-- it still stinks). We ordered a new one, but it won't be here until NEXT WEEKEND and also it is not a great dishwasher but who needs great when there is sort of fast? You guys know I have no patience for appliance delivery. Remember the washer? And also the dryer.

Speaking of the dryer!  Since March 2020, we have lost a garage door, a dryer, a garbage disposal, and now a dishwasher. Also, we had to have someone come fix our microwave. This is what happens when all of your appliances are the exact same age.

2030 is going to be rough on the wallet. I am looking at you, roof, A/C, and furnace.

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