Monday, November 09, 2020

Case of the Mondays

 When Ben's alarm went off today, I also had to wake up to grade, plan a meeting agenda, email 10,000 people, etc, which is complicated with a baby nestled next to me. First I fed her real fast, and then I tried to slip out unnoticed to grab my computer and turn on the coffee. But, alas, she woke up a little, so I worked for 75 minutes cross-legged, wearing my Boppy, typing one-handed. 

I have a 10am meeting, a 4pm meeting, many things to grade, dinner to make, laundry to fold, school to supervise. GAAAAAAAH.

Other goals:

Cardio, abs, and yoga

Eat responsibly

Read 100 pages in my book (I have not read since before the 54-days of the election results saga)

Bake cookies


It's a big day.

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