Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Incremental cleaning-- genius or dirty?

 We usually clean the house all in one glorious day over the weekend, but Minnie is not the kind of person who can let me work for 8 hours on ANYTHING, so this hasn't been working out so great. We switched to 2 half-days, but even this is stressful for me with a baby who only sleeps ON MY PERSON (and if my person is not available, them she just won't sleep at all and while she is still in a pretty good mood, I of course worry about her and her development). SO. Anyway. Even though I love the way the house looks when everything is sparkly clean on the same day, I have been reviewing my approach to see what elements I could pull out of cleaning day and cram in during the week.

Here's what I got:

Plant watering

Cleaning all the blinds with vinegar

Doing a deep dust of the bedrooms (as opposed to a quick surface dust, which is what I used to do on a random weekday, saving the deep clean for the weekend)

Changing sheets

By pulling these jobs out, I was able to do my half of the weekly deep clean on Sunday and be done by lunchtime, which was amazing. Can you think of other cleaning tasks I could pull out like this? (I already vacuum midweek AND on the weekend and won't cut that back, probably. Same with mopping. It's an as needed job.)

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Unknown said...

i have to do it all the same day, it drives me nuts to do it little by little. But you probably could do all the laundry on a different day. On my cleaning days I have the kids (6 and SN 9 years old) take off their sheets, clean their bedroom (vacuum worthy) take all clothes to the laundry room and sort them, and water the plants. They then make sure every floor in the house is "vacuum ready' and put all their toys away. Meanwhile, I deep clean kitchen, laundry room (where the litter box is) 3 bathrooms, put sheets back on beds, vacuum, wash all windows and sometimes dust or clean walls. It takes about 3 hours start to finsish if everyone is on point and the whining is kept to a minimum. I say make your kids do more